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Restaurant Mala gostiona
2008-10-16 15:03:47
mgtabla.gifgostiona1.jpgAsk anyone in Subotica and Palić about "Mala gostiona" and they will tell you where it is located and that it has always been a place where food, drink, and fun were good.

However, the history of this cult gastro—centre in the north of Bačka is far more interesting. As early as in 1852 an inn was opened as the predecessor of today's restaurant, which at the time meant this was a place for travellers to rest. It had a serving room, kitchen, several rooms, stable for horses, and eaves for chariots. It served simpler, traditional meat, game, and fish dishes of the area, as well as wine from the surrounding vineyards. With the development of Palić as a spa town, in the fifties of the 19th century first hotels and summer resorts were built, and with the construction of Subotica – Szeged railway line running through Palić in 1869 the place got its connection with the world.

"Mala gostiona" then changed its purpose and became what we call today a hospitality facility. The local archive is still keeping the original menus dating from 1870 that surprise with their diverse offer of more than 50 dishes and 30 types of wine.

The curiosity is that the most famous restaurant in Subotica and the area has existed on the lake shore, on the same spot and under the same name – "Mala gostiona" for the past 153 years.

Today it is a modern facility fully reconstructed and added on in 1998. It is categorized with four stars. The restaurant hall disposes with 280 seats, and two summer terraces with 350 and 100 seats respectively. It serves Vojvodinian, Serbian, Hungarian, Italian, and international cuisine, local specialities, and more than 80 types of wine from the best domestic and foreign vineyards.



On the first floor of the restaurant "Mala gostiona" there is a congress rooms with five fully equipped halls suitable for organizing seminars, symposiums, congresses and other types of gatherings.The most eminent restaurants from Serbia, Montenegro, Italy, Hungary, and Slovenia frequently visit the restaurant.

The restaurant's ambience is adjusted to the unique architecture of Palić in the style of the Hungarian Secession and evokes the golden age of Palić from the turn of the 20th century.
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